Our Telemarketing Data

Working with UK Data Group and our telemarketing data allows you to establish a warm and friendly contact with your prospects, tailoring your message to each and every one your team speaks to. Our telemarketing files are also well suited to products and services which have a time-related element, such as insurance or broadband, and UK Data Group has worked with many key providers within these sectors.

Key Telemarketing Data Numbers

UK Data Group has the Following Telephone Marketing Data Available:

  • 20 Million UK Landline Numbers
  • 1.3 Million UK Business Telephone Numbers
  • 10 Million UK Mobile/SMS Numbers

Further information and bespoke data counts can be obtained by contacting us here.

Creating Real Time Engagement

Telemarketing still remains one of the most effective marketing channels available in today’s multi-media environment. Consumer products lend themselves well to telemarketing, as it’s a medium that allows the prospect to ask questions and find out more at the very moment that you’ve got their attention, creating real time engagement and a real interest in your sales message.

Ensuring Compliance

Not everyone likes being contacted by telephone and now there are over 20 million numbers on the UK’s Telephone Preference Service list. We make sure we check the TPS daily, so any number you buy from us won’t be on it and you’ll get a minimum of 30 days to use it. We can also supply a range of compliance and suppression services for on-going telemarketing campaign, ensuring your compliance with current legislation and industry best practices at all times.

Telemarketing Data Accuracy

All of our telemarketing data is screened against TPS/CTPS on the day of your data delivery to ensure it is as accurate as it possibly can be. We operate a live number validation service which confirms if a number is live and active as and when we provide the data.

Our Guarantee

We cannot guarantee that every address we sell is accurate and up to date – no one can, as there are over 4 million businesses and 20 million households in the UK alone to try to keep track of. What we guarantee with all data we supply is that that any inaccurate records will be re-supplied on a 2 for 1 basis free of charge.