The UK Data Group is the one of the UK’s leading data suppliers and we use our entrepreneurial skills, media and technology to achieve the most accurate data profiles within the industry.

Making a difference is paramount to us and we push the boundaries of our creativity to develop engaging marketing campaigns that utilise our abilities to their full potential and deliver maximum results.

The UK Data Group works closely with its clients in all aspects of the market strategy employed. From concept to implementation, we use unique methodologies to lower customer acquisition costs and increase sales. We are innovative and always exceed your future marketing requirements without compromise!

Key Facts About Us

  • Over 15 Years Industry Experience
  • Over 20 Million UK Consumer Records – All Consumer Lifestyles Available
  • Over 2 Million UK Business Records – All SIC Codes Available
  • An Approved Index Company
  • Live System – 30 Day Cycle
  • Tested Email Address With Every Record
  • Unlimited Use (Outright Purchase)
  • Over-Supply By 10% For Added Value

Key Facts About Our Business Data

  • Company
  • Email Address
  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Telephone
  • Address & Post Code
  • Website
  • Employee Band
  • Turnover
  • Business Description

Key Facts About Our Consumer Data

  • Email Address
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Age
  • Tenure
  • Status
  • Post Code

Key Facts About Our SMS Data

  • Mobile
  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Address & Post Code