1. We won’t pass your data on to 3rd parties under any circumstances.

2. We collect data so we can inform users of new and exciting developments at Jordan Marketing Limited (Trading as UK Data Group). We only do this if you opt in to receive future communications.

3. We may also collect user data if you download our resource files. This data is kept for marketing purposes.

4. We keep collected data in a secure database. If you have opted in to receive future communications from Jordan Marketing Limited (Trading as UK Data Group), we retain your data for this function. If you have downloaded articles, we will retain your data for 12 months.

5. We purge our data regularly to remove redundant and out of date.

6. We comply with the UK Data Protection Act and EU regulations. If you have an issue with our data collection policies, please contact us (see below for contact information). If you are unsatisfied with our response, contact the UK Data Protection Commissioner.

7. This website uses session cookies; these don’t remain on your machine after you have ended your session. These are to enable the site to work, and to collect data on the sequence of pages you visit, which we use to optimize the site navigation.

8. If you choose to download further information from our website, we may ask you to complete a small form. If so, we will then place a persistent cookie on your machine to prevent you from having to complete the same form again for any additional downloads you choose. The content of the cookie consists of an encrypted personal identifier. The cookie will be set to expire 12 months from the date it is set. For marketing purposes, we record the file you download. Information will also be analysed to optimise our website navigation and design.

9. Visits to our websites, like virtually all websites, are recorded in our log files. Log files record the pages you read and the files you download. We use this information to optimise our site rather than to collect any personal data.

10. The sale of databases on the Jordan Marketing Limited (Trading as UK Data Group) website is final. The customer is expected to research all aspects of our products before making a purchase.

11. Due to the nature of digital downloads (intangible goods), and the ease of which downloadable products can be reproduced, no refunds can be offered or given to customers after the purchase of databases.

12. Jordan Marketing Limited (Trading as UK Data Group) can be contacted by email at sales@ukdatagroup.com, or by writing to Jordan Marketing Limited, The Carlson Suite, B8/4
Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0DD.