Direct mail is one of the oldest and best established forms of direct marketing. Just about every business and household has a letterbox, so your message will end up where you intend it to go. Direct mail is an effective way of reaching consumers at home, as the Royal Mail will do everything it can to make sure your campaign reaches its intended recipients.

At The UK Data Group we have over 20 Million UK Household Address and over 1.5 Million UK Business AddressesDirect Mail is an extremely flexible marketing channel which you can use to achieve multiple marketing and business objectives. For example, it’s extremely effective for lead generation, launching a new product or just generally raising awareness of your company to a targeted audience. If you haven’t used direct mail before in your marketing mix, it could be the marketing channel you’re missing to take your business to the next level.

Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

Despite the rise in popularity of digital channels, such as email marketing, there are many reasons why direct mail still works to grab attention and elicit an enquiry. In fact, with more and more businesses using digital channels for their marketing, companies that choose direct mail stand out even more. By personalising your direct mail it will become particularly engaging to your target audience and this should elicit a higher response from them. Not all other forms of marketing allow you use personalisation, or to this level.


Direct mail enables you to precisely target new prospects using the information you have on your existing customers to identify their key characteristics. And the more targeted your direct mail list, the more cost effective your mailing will be.


Direct mail gives your prospects a direct, physical presence of your brand and product in their hands – how many other marketing channels enable you to do this so cost effectively?


Direct mail can be created in many different formats including postcards, letters, leaflets, brochures and you can even include physical samples to illustrate products and services to their best advantage.


By including unique phone numbers and quoting codes in your direct mail pieces it’s easy to track response and measure your success. This measurability also gives you the opportunity to test new ideas and refine the responsiveness of your marketing.

Cost Effective

By being targeted about who you send your direct mail to, tracking your response and improving your mailing you should find that direct mail is a highly cost effective form of marketing for you.

Our Guarantee

All of our data is cleansed every 30 days and is regularly screened against relevant files such as the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

We cannot guarantee that every address we sell is accurate and up to date – no one can, as there are over 4 million businesses and 20 million households in the UK alone to try to keep track of. What we guarantee with all data we supply is that that any inaccurate records will be re-supplied on a 2 for 1 basis free of charge.